Anyone know anything about Brave browser?

I’ve been using the Brave browser for a couple of years now, as it seems to be one of the safest ways to browse with a limited amount of ads, but I have noticed that they 

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  1. Michael Baez

    Very helpful in creating a more peaceful browsing environment. Claim to be offering more privacy. It is just that it is hard to believe in this day and age and I am keeping my eyes open.

  2. expresstn

    I’ve used it for about 8 month and the darn thing causes browser crashes! 10 easy each time I am on the computer. Frustrating! I put it on the browser due to my sisters glowing recommendation. I guess it doesn’t happen so much with her.

  3. alimagoo

    I use express vpn independent of my browser as a stand alone app which works when I log on to my computer and across the board to the browsers I use. Flawless so far, touch wood.