Best Holiday Of My Life

My favorite holiday memory is when I got married the day after Christmas at my cousin’s house and my uncle married us. Everyone was there and it was such a memorable day. My husband and I are still married 17 years later. We’ve actually been together over 25 years.

My aunt and uncle are deceased now and we all miss them very much. My mother is the oldest matriarch on my side of the family and we all gather at her house every Christmas Eve.   I will always cherish this memory forever!

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  1. Tina (cell) kyles Post author

    My mother has been thru so much in the past two to three years. She has MS and cannot walk, plus so many other issues. We almost lost her a couple of times. We are so blessed to have her home from a nursing home for over a year now. That was such a terrible experience, but we got her home and my brother and I are her caregivers. If we can help it, she won’t ever go back to a nursing home facility!
    My mother is so intelligent and we are blessed that she can talk (speak her mind ) and use her hands to best of her ability. My brother lives with her and I appreciate the excellent care he gives to her since I work such crazy long hours. We all love her dearly. My mother’s name is Rose, but everyone calls her “Aunt Rosie”. I have two step grandchildren (who live out of state) and my brother doesn’t have any children.
    She has one great niece (age 5)and two great nephews (ages 3 and 20 months) who bring so much joy to her life. They don’t live in town, but they call her and my brother every night and visit whenever they can. We were all together for Thanksgiving and it was fun and such a beautiful gathering. They are such smart and very funny children. We will all be together again for Christmas and there will be a house full of love!❤️