Michael DeWaal

Thank you, Amber.

While we live in Dillon (Between Breckenridge and Keystone, CO) my question is for the Sedona, AZ area. Established neighborhoods have poor (Samsung Note 9 with 1-2 bars in Oak Creek, just 2 miles South of Sedona City) signal. We just signed papers to buy a home in Sedona City limits, but the signal there isn’t the best either: 2-3 bars. The home we made an offer on is up on a ridge for views, but also for what you referenced – line-of-sight to cell towers for boosters and the technologies you just referenced. Our data consumption rates are high – notably without “TV Streaming Services” sucking up bandwidth. This is the actual business content we fire out every day. I will call the Fixed Wireless Internet Providers to see about details.

BTW, “SuddenNet” is the local ISP for that home, in particular. Their maximum for a business account is 150 Mbps. We will choke on that. They can double it, if there is already their co-ax running to the house. So, my best hope is 300 Mbps. We have business class true gigabit accounts with Comcast Business now in Dillon. We had Verizon’s FioS at 1 Gigabit for 4 years before moving to CO from the Philadelphia area. We lived in Scottsdale, AZ before that move back East.

Anyway, thank you for your research and input. I will post you on my findings.