Kathy Burke

I recently subscribed and can’t get any of the 3 poscast apps to download the show. I’ve used Podcatcher on Android for years and when I enter the url https://community.komando.com/feed/tkks/, it says “No results found”. When i search “Kim Komando Show” All I dget is Komando on Demand, Komando Tech News the Tech news today. I loaded the Komando app, and it doesnt’ really work like a podcast app either. It doesn’t download all episodes and keep track of what I have an have not listened to. Can you help?

I’ve also tried Castbox and when I search for the same url, I get “No matching Results”. I can search “Kim Komando Show” and it comes up. I subscribed, but it never asks me to log in, and the episodes will not download. I just keep getting download errors because it does not know that I am a member.