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Hi Barbara!

Kim and her team have a few different laptop recommendations here:

Buying guide: 18 best laptops and desktop computers to gift this holiday season

I personally would recommend looking for a laptop with an 8th gen i5 processor and at least 8 GB of RAM. You can tell what generation a processor is by the first number. For example, i5-8265U is an 8th gen processor while i5-7300U is a 7th gen processor. So look for i5-8xxx.

What is the difference between i5 and i7? The i5 processor family as considered consumer grade, for most mainstream use. The i7 processors are considered high-end for professional use. In many cases the performance is comparable, so an i5 processor would meet your needs just fine. 

An SSD is also a nice option, as it speeds the loading time of Windows and other programs.

If your current monitor supports an HDMI connection, you should be good to go. If your current monitor only supports VGA or DVI, you may have a hard time finding a laptop with one of those ports. An adapter may be needed. Your printer should connect via USB or WiFi, so no issues there.