Norman Harris
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You cannot do much about cellular data out in the yard, that is on your carrier. Most carriers will provide you a booster to get a stronger and better Cellular signal within your home but I found the signal does not reach far outside the home, I have a T-Mobile Cellspot that connects to my home network and gives me a 5 bar strength signal indoors on LTE band 4 although the T Mobile signal is traditionally a 1 bar signal of HSPA {3G| or of its very slow and spotty Band 12 LTE . The signal does not reach out to the yard, I suspect this is by FCC regulations. You may have to try to get your carrier to build towers in your area or change mobile carriers. I find AT&T {most affordable through Cricket Wireless an MVNO which uses AT&T towers and has its coverage, but not its prices and fees} gives a far better signal than T-Mobile and Sprint in my area. Most places get even better coverage from VErizon, usually considered the best carrier {I would use Total Wireless or Straight Talk for Verizon access without Verizon Prices}. Where I live, Verizon is actually weak. You could consider, if possible trying to use WIFI in lieu of cellular access as you can increase that coverage by placing extenders, or mesh units in your garage or even mount outdoor Wi FI access points and antennas powered by Power over Ethernet and that would cover your yard. However, your carrier has to provide your LTE Cell data access. You may be able to get it out into your yard if you place the cellspot near one of your home windows, near to the yard you wish to cover.