Did your ET-3760 replace a previous printer, is added in addition to existing printers (wired / wireless), or is it a new printer on your network? If the printer is new, the PC may not be able to see it. Open a Windows Command prompt and try to ping (ping XXX where XXX is the printer’s IP address, such as “ping”) the printer’s IP address which is available in the ET-3760 WiFi Network Status or your router’s client list. If the ping fails, access to your printer from your PC is failing. The cause could be firewall (PC and / or router) or a router related issue. If the ping works, there may be a firewall issue.

Have you run the ET-3760 Windows support software on your PC? (https://epson.com/Support/Printers/All-In-Ones/ET-Series/Epson-ET-3760/s/SPT_C11CG20203 ) Running the support software may help resolve your connection issues.

Can you from your PC access other wired / wireless devices running through the eero (printers, lights, thermostats, etc.)? The eero may be viewing your PC as an external device and be blocking its access. Are the IP addresses of the PC and the ET-3760 the same except for the last number? (Such as and If the eero has wired ports, can you connect your PC to one of the wired ports? Does that make a difference?

There are many variables running around, but the answers to the above may help steer you in the right direction.

I use an ET-3760 wirelessly on my home network, accessing it from my wired desktop and a number of wireless laptops, tablets and smart phones. The difference in my case is all devices are within my router’s subnets.

Good luck,