Damian Housman

John, yes, that’s all I want to do. I wish my laptop had a CD/DVD disk drive, like my previous computer did, but it doesn’t. All I want to do is take all my CDs, one at a time, and have the recordings placed in my iTunes. Sorry, I’m not familiar with the term “rip” but I assume that means what I was saying. My previous computer had all the CDs on it, and the sound was great. The sound on the new laptop is not that good. I HOPE the difference is that the external DVD drive I used this time was responsible for the difference, and that I can fix it by buying a better DVD drive. I got this one at Best Buy, and it was the lower cost of the two I saw. I didn’t know there could be a difference in sound quality by using different DVD drives, but maybe there can. By the way, I listen to radio programs on my laptop, and the sound quality is very good.