They’ve had two guests on Fox Business (Maria Bartiromo’s show) discussing the Parler issue. Gene Marx, Small Business Analyst for the Hill boiled it down to Amazon doing nothing wrong by throwing them off their platform because Parler violated terms and conditions of AWS; if you want to “play” on their platform you have to follow by their rules.

The second was Mark Penn social platforms seem to be dividing up according to ideology, as per Dorsey caught stating that their crackdown would go far beyond President Trump’s account and last well beyond one day and beyond the inauguration. He also stated that he thought Conservative platforms, whether Parler ends up being that or not, would come along to fill that need. In addition, he said that Rule 230 will have to be revised to designate what the criteria is to meet it’s “open bulletin board” protection, and move those who won’t adhere to publisher status.

What happened to Parler is so obvious to have been a coordinated attack, or follow-suit at least, by the BIG tech companies. Apple removes the app, Google removes the app, then Amazon discovers a violation to justify cancelling service? I hope that John Matze follows through in suing them, as the public would no doubt love to see exactly HOW they were in violation.

Gene Marx, as a writer covering small businesses, stated that what happened to Parler is a wake-up call to other small businesses. I hope that Matze’s lawsuit is a wakeup call to big tech. What happened to Parler is wrong.