Sorry about the delay in replying back to you.
I went to link you gave regarding dual booting Linux mint and windows. I followed the directions to the letter.
Disabled secure boot
Partition hard drive
backup of system
created a recovery disk
Then checked so see if using MBR or GPT. I am using GPT.
Went to command prompt and diskpart showing GPT.
Tried using Etcher, Rufus3.1.3, Univerersa-usb-Installer 2.0.0.
Double checked secure boot disabled for each try.
F12 to get to boot with usb.
was able to boot into Linux mint. Could click on various icons and check various options with no problem.
However when i click on install = Nothing happens.
Hard boot and reset secure boot to enabled.
Boot pc and back to normal for windows.
Needless to say i am at a loss.
I really don’t know what to do or where to turn.

But I thank you for your help.