Tried again and here is the replay…
When booting into Linux, at the top of the screen was a 2 line error message. Could not make it out, than ERROR Failed.
Linux screen popped up. I tried double click and still no good.
Tried right click window pops up.
Single left click on open.
New screen comes up to start the install.

Now it gets interesting….
Upper right corner of the screen shows message of memory low.
when i single left click on the next prompt to install the pc, it shows a small round white dot and freezes up.
when i click on any icon or try and shut down the pc, nothing.

After 15 minutes the pc monitor goes nuts. its showing about 8 to 10 lines of unreadable lines.
Had to manually power off the pc. let sit powered off for 5 minutes and boot again and same thing happened.

I think my pc is haunted or something. It shouldn’t be this difficult of a project to accomplish. It’s a good thing i don’t give up easy. lol

At any rate, i thank you for your help. Hopefully i didn’t cause you any problems.