Norman Harris
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I bought my first computer on October 14, 1987 and it was probably the only whole computer I would buy for years, into the 2010s . $599.95 . It was a RAKOA Rk-6 which was an IBM-PC XT clone. It had one full size floppy drive, 512 KB of ram, I think MSDOS 2.1 and a monochrome monitor and card, I think it had Hercules graphics. I became an upgrader from then on, going to CGA, putting a used Seagate ST-225 20 MB Hard drive I bought for $200 {retail was $299.95} . I used a writing program called Wordstar which was site licensed to The Ohio State University and of course, GW-Basic. I put some Borland Products on it including Turbo Pascal, Turbo Basic and spreadsheet Quattro and eventially got Lotus 123 and Wordperfect. I upgraded to “286-10 ” in 1989 and bought a case and also had my hard drive up to a Walloping ONE HUNDRED EIGHT MEGABYTES, a hard to comprehend size by putting the Perstor ARRL controller on a 60 MB MFM Hard drive. I recall that I put the 8088 back together with the 20 MB and sold it at the time. Later on 1991-386 SX {Windows 3.0} → 1992→Windows 3.1 Ami Pro Wordprocessor 8 MB of ram and 486-33 1995 up to the AMD 586 -133 that was really a 486-DX4 that ran clock quadrupled at 133 mhz and nearly approached a Pentium 75 in performance.