Norman Harris
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My first computer was a Rakoa RK-6 which was an IBM Clone, a 4.77 mhz 8088 that looked like and functioned like the IBM PC XT . When I purchased it for $599.97 {six hundred bucks} it had 512 KB of ram, one 360k 5 1/4 floppy and a monochrome monitor with a Hercules graphics card. I upgraded it while I owned it with a 20 mb Seagate ST 225, a CGA monitor and card. I used wordprocessor Freestyle {site licensed at Ohio State University, Lotus 123 spreadsheet, and lots of GW-Basic. For my second, I went to a computer show summer 1989, bought a 286-10 AT motherboard and a case and moved my hard drive over. I think I had the Perstor RLL controller by that time formatting the 20 MB Hard Drive to 38 MB. Story would get long at this point if I detailed upgrades. I will highlight processors here. 8088→ 286 10→ 368SX16{1990}→486-33{1992}→486DX2-66{1994}AMD586-133{1995}→K5-75{1995}→K6→133{1998}→K6-3-450 {1999}→Several Athlons, Phenoms 2000-2009→ Several AMD FX’s 2010→2015 then my current computers are Sandy Bridges, IVY Bridges and one i7 Haswell. I’ve went through a whole OS sequence from Dos 2.1 to Windows 10.