jim hawkes

Dear Dawn/@Catsunn,

1) You can purchase an Emergency Repair Disk on Amazon.

Hiren’s Boot CD USB Set NEW 2022 Edition PE x64 bit Software Repair Tools Suite Hirens Latest Version 16.3 Best PC Computer Repair Recovery Win 11 10, 7, 8, 8.1 and Win XP Includes Both DVD and USB

2) Or you can download the software on a friend PC. You will need a blank 16 GIG thumb drive. (Google: “Windows 10/11 Emergency Repair Disk”)

Get the ERD disk ( Thumb drive) Put it into PC. Turn on the power. KEEP TAPPING THE F8 KEY. Then follow the prompts. It might worth a call to Dell to get assistance. Or a local PC store.

I am am an owner of a Dell 8930, a little over a year old. Never had a problem until they pushed Windows 11 onto us. Ran the Dell Support Assistant ( Dell Updater) Then stuff hit the fan.

I have Dell Premium Support…was on the phone with multiple times. REPEAT MULTIPLE TIMES.


At first, I thought that it had rolled my PC back. It did not. It created a a new user account on my PC. Instead of my files being under “James” it created a Temp account. Dell Rep (Mohit) Renamed it to “Jim.” ( I talked to SEVERAL different Dell Reps. ALWAYS RESPOND TO THEIR E-MAIL, after your initial phone call. It will have to Case number and your service tag number and a history of your situation.

I was still getting STOP ERROR’S ( BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH)

1) Got my e-mails back. ( Printed out instructions on how to backup my e-mails)
2) Got my pictures back. Samsung Android phone. I have a G-mail account. Ran the Google “Take-out) Backed them to my C, D, and Thumb Drive)

IT professionals recommend 3-2-1 on file back ups.

1) 1 back up to your C drive.
2) 1 Back up to your D drive
3) 1 Back to an off site location.(I purchased IDrive that Kim recommends Approx. $39) It backs up my PC every night around 1AM when I am in bed ( I let the PC run 24/7)
4) I backed up a copy of my e-mails to a Thumb drive.

Dell downloaded a clean copy of Windows 11 and “refreshed” my copy pf Windows 11.
IT WAS NOT A RE-INSTALL. That would have wiped out all data on the PC.

STOP ERROR’S ( BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH) are gone. All systems are working as they should.

1) Create an ERD when you get your PC. ( Emergency Repair Disk)
2) Back up your important files. ( E-Mails, Docs, Pictures, etc. Back them up to several locations.

Hope this Helps.