Hello Carmen,

It is a legitamate company, you can tap or click here to visit their site.

Tap or click here or read below for cancellation.

“You can cancel your paid subscription or Free Trial by contacting our support department directly at support@enigmasoftware.com. Depending on the details of your purchase, you may also cancel your paid subscription or Free Trial via our trusted payment partner that processed your purchase. The specific payment partner for your account is listed in your purchase confirmation email. Please ensure that your request for cancellation and/or a refund includes your name, details of the order (including your order number) and, if available, your phone number and the registered email address from your order confirmation. In the event that you cannot locate the payment partner information or should you need any additional help, you may contact our Support/HelpDesk by phone at +1 (888) 360-0646 (USA) / +353 76 680 3523 (Ireland/International) or by email at support@enigmasoftware.com.”