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I found this information here on the Open Office Wiki.

Can I use Microsoft Access databases (.mdb) in Base?
On Windows: yes. You cannot open them directly via File → Open, but you can access the data therein. For this, you need an Open Document Base file (*.odb), which holds the connection information. For details see Microsoft Access or Connecting to Microsoft Access.

You can modify the data in the tables and you can add and remove records. You can create new tables, but you cannot alter the structure of existing tables.

Queries in MS Access are shown as views in the table container. You can use the query results, but you have no access to the underlying definitions and you cannot alter them.

You cannot read MS Access forms or reports.

This can be a little complicated, as there is not a free tool for conversion, you may very well need to find a friend or family member with a version of Microsoft Access that is pre-2013 to convert the file for you.

How to use Pre 2013 Access to convert the database.