I don’t use Wake on LAN.

I have a WiFi controlled outlet (search “Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug”) between the AC power and my desktop. The desktop BIOS is configured to “boot on power application” (supported by most desktops and the change is pretty straightforward but should be done with caution). At the end of remote use, I shutdown the desktop so it is plugged in but powered off. When I want to use the desktop remotely, I power down the outlet from its app, wait a few minutes and power it up. I wait a couple of minutes for the desktop to boot up and use either Windows Remote Desktop Connection (included with Windows 11 Pro (not Home)) or Teamviewer (free to control up to 3 PCs) from iPad, iPhone or laptop) to connect to the desktop and log in. I can then do almost anything remotely that I do from the keyboard / mouse locally. Some update software does not support remote updating.

My desktop has two monitors. If I remote in from a machine with two monitors, Remote Desktop Connection is preferable. If I remote in from an Apple device or from a machine with a single monitor, Teamviewer is preferable.

Good luck with your remote operations,