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    • Sharers of good news

    • This group is not about any one thing, it is about everything.

    • A place to share interesting projects people are working on.

    • This group is about breaking news in technology, health, medicine and everything but not politics

    • Cause laptops dominate the gaming world.

    • A safe, helpful place to search for and post legitimate jobs.

    • A forum for higher educated musicians to benefit each other in many ways.

    • This group is all about domain names and hosting for your business that has all the bells and whistles to take your business to a new level online and of course 24-hour support when you need help along your business journey.

    • Charles reached out to Kim for help putting together videos for his son. Charles has terminal cancer and we are here to help him!

    • The group is for Kim's members that want to stay at home and work on the company to make money. We can share our ideas and non spam content. If you think you have some ideas that can make other members a income, please post.


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