How to listen to The Kim Komando Show

There are 3 ways to listen to The Kim Komando Show


On the radio: Use our station finder to see which local station plays the show and when to tune in. Visit our station finder here. 


As a podcast: Log in to your Komando Community Pro account and listen to the show as a podcast by clicking here. 


On your Alexa device: You can now listen to The Kim Komando Show on your Alexa device, such as an Amazon echo. To subscribe say “Alexa. play The Kim Komando Show”. Alexa will walk you through the steps of subscribing. A subscription to the show on Alexa is not included in a Komando Community membership.



  1. 172795

    I have not been able to download Kim for weeks. I found this on the apple web page on my iPod.
    “There was a problem downloading The Kim Komando Show. Authorization is needed to access.
    HTTPS:??community We have been a member for some time. please advise