How to Navigate the Komando Community

How to navigate the Komando Community


Learning a new website takes time, let us give you a tour to see all the features you need to know about and use.




  1. 83111

    I also thank you for the video. I saw a seniors group go by so I am going to try that. But, boy, does that guy talk fast. I can hardly listen that fast.

  2. Richard Miller

    Many years ago when I first got a computer I was a member of you group and learned a lot with the help of my grandkids.
    Now, however, I am frustrated at all the spam, pop ups, etc that interfere with my work. I have to find one source which could solve those problems and tried AVG but am sadly disappointed. They have too many programs and always trying to get me to add more. I no longer trust them.

    Please advise me on what program or programs I need to download on my computer after deleting AVG for the best available protection of the most or all invaders. I am now retired as a Special Agent of the FBI and for years depended on them for safety but no longer have that advantage.

    I want all of your resources available to me.

    Richard P. Miller

    1. John Linn

      My recommendation, based on years of use, is CCleaner, Malwarebytes and Webroot. I have all 3 running on our two computers. That may be over kill but it works for me. I suggest you at least look at these.

  3. Margaret Walker

    Hi! Last night, I laid awake listening to your entire show. Happy to join the herd today, and explore EVERYTHING! Your show is informative, entertaining, & so technically helpful!

  4. Roberta Manter

    It’s not so much the speed at which he talks, it’s the fact that he doesn’t pause to give me time to process it. Show me a link, then count to five before speeding right on to the next one! There’s a ton of information in that video, but I’d have to go back and listen again and keep stopping it to find the things I’m most interested in. Still, I do appreciate that you didn’t make me watch for twenty minutes, like a lot of the videos that promise to tell you something but take forever to get to the punch line, where they tell you how much you have to pay to get the information they promised to tell you! All in all, I’m looking forward to finding my way around your website.