I’ve been trying since april 28th to cancel my membership before the due date. No one answers the phone, I left messages 2 different times.  I sent message via this website, and I emailed.  all messages were clear. I want to cancel my membership. my account number is:239593 . NO ONE has responded at all.  Just before, I sent a message via facebook.  My account has been charged.  I want to be reimbursed and my membership canceled.  I am very surprised with this situation.  I always thought very highly of Kim Komando.  Is it necessary to go to BBB or since this is online related with money, the FCC with complaints?

Donna Hays

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  1. Candice Tomkins

    Donna, my way of avoiding this kind of worry with a bank credit card (and it’s alllllll up in our world every which way) is to simply use a loaded MC on the rack in stores. Don’t get the “re-loadable” one bc they want you to register online and provide yr SS#. Just get the one-time loadable one up to $500. That’s what I use to shop online and for gas when I travel. Then when it’s done you toss it and get a new one. No identity theft worries. These cost only about $4.95 and that’s a cheap price to pay for safety and security. I got three of them when I went cross country. And when it’s time to renew something just give a new card #.