Having Mohs surgery done on my nose this morning. Had it done on my nose in 2017 in AZ. Guess they didn’t it get all and more decided to crop up. Love to hear any stories that ya’ll would have concerning your MOHS surgery.

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  1. SaidMary Post author

    The rest of the story. Was in the dr office for 3 1/2 hrs. Had to have to cutting out of the cancerous cells. Have about an inch that was sutured with stitches. Will get them out on Thursday, 8/23. Not much pain at all. Guess I will live. LOL

    1. David Somers

      So happy to hear this. God bless you (and your beautiful little kitty!) Even though I know basal cell is nowhere near the danger of melanoma, I am still worried for my wife who will be getting MOHS on her cheek in about a week. Please send any prayers and good wishes! 🙂

  2. SaidMary Post author

    It is but the steri slips didn’t stay in place. Will see what kind of scar I end up with. But at my age, who really cares. LOL

  3. BetaGary

    I hope the scarring won’t be bad, Mary.

    I will be getting MOHS surgery on my scalp in January or February. Waiting to hear from the medical center for my appointment. I will post how it goes.