OUPV Captain’s License

Greetings and welcome. Pirate Jon here. I guess it was early last year, one of my mates told me of something he was/is working on and getting ready to attempt. When he “retires” from his current job, he is going to move to the US Virgin Islands, get his OUPV (6 Pack) captains license. He thought that I would be great at something like that. Partly because we are into the pirate scene, and moving down to the Caribbean area would be amazing for someone like me, since that’s where the more well known pirates of old moved to during The Golden Age of Piracy.

What this license allows us to do, is take people on tours of various kinds around the USVI and BVI (British Virgin Islands). What we would like to do, is take people on vacation bar hopping to the various local bars within the islands. Places like Soggy Dollar on Jost Van Dyke on Foxy’s and other of the local hot spots amongst the islands.

So, a year ago, I ordered some study material from Mariners Learning System to study. However, things got a bit rough over the year with job changes, apartment changes and family funerals. So, I didn’t take the study time as serious as I should have. Now, it seems that I am able to sped time with it in the evenings when I get home from work.

It is a struggle though, as my attention span isn’t that great and I get distracted easily. I’m working on trying to fix that and hopefully later this year or early next year, I can go take the test to get my license. This looks to be an amazing journey and I want to do this. I’m hoping to use this blog as a log or my progress. So, here’s to studying.

Pirate Jon

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