Palo Verde Beetles

My favorite thing I’ve discovered about Arizona so far is Palo Verde Beetles. They live underground as big grubs (3-5 inches) and eat the roots of Olive and Palo Verde trees. They stay grubs for 2-4 years underground and them come out of the ground as a beetle for 1 month to mate. Then they die.

These beetles are huge. Also about 3-5 inches long with long antenna and big pinchers. They are usually dark brown or black. They can fly but not well because they’re so big.

Every night after 9 I go out and look for them, crazy enough every night I look I find one. They are so cool. Here’s some pictures of ones I’ve found.


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  1. Ken Mac

    Sarah, will the beetles let you hold them in your hand? Can the grub stage of the beetle kill either the Olive or Palo Verde tree?

  2. SarahKomando

    There’s pictures on people holding them on the internet. I touched one the other day and it got defensive so I probably won’t pick it up. Wild creatures aren’t really meant to be pet.

    I’m not sure what level of damage they can do to the trees. There seems to be a lot of beetles in the trees by my house and the trees look fine.