Smart Switch to PC Backup
Unable to backup smart phone Galaxy S21 Ultra to a pc running Windows 10 pro. However I can do a restore to the same smartphone using Dell PC.
I am able to do a backup and restore from smart phone Galaxy S5 with no problem using same Dell PC.
Attempted the same process with a laptop and get the same results as stated above.
I worked with Samsung Care which is Samsung’s support team. They did remote into my pc and tried several things to no avail. Needless to say they were stumped and had no solution.
Note: I was able to do backup and restore from my Galaxy S21 Ultra with no problem and this week it stopped working. I tried to going back to an older version of smart switch and still no good. I also did a system restore and still no good. I also disabled my Norton 360 and still no good. I have searched the internet and found no help. Also went to Dell support with no help.
Needless to say I am out of ideas at this point.