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      I have a new 6 ports USB charging station.. it is pretty primitive. It has two types of charging ports.. two for 1A and four for 2.4 A.

      What can I plug into what port. I have cell phone flip phone and I pad .

      Many thanks

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      Hello Alice,

      Great question in general, any modern device will use the amperage it needs and no more. Most Tablets charge best with 2.1amps. It is perfectly safe to plug a device that draws 1A into the 2.1A port and vice versa.

      I hope that helps!

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      Norman Harris
      @Norman Harris

      You will want to use the 2.4 amp outlets for the tablet since it is a larger device and may charge too slowly in the 1.0 amps outlets. The 2.4 amp outlets are also more desirable for most modern smartphones but they can charge satisfactorily, but more slowly in the 1.0 amp outlets. Your flip phone can use any of the 6 outlets satisfactorily as it probably only draws in the milliamp range or up to an amp and will have similar draw in any of the 6 outlets.

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