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      Aaron from Reno, Nevada asked me if there are any apps or services for anonymous texting and chatting. He has insomnia and wants to talk to people when he’s awake, but all of his friends are asleep during the night.

      I told him to check out Discord, which is mostly a chat service, and Twitch, which is video-based.

      On Twitch, you can stream content 24/7 from all sorts of people, from gardeners who teach you how to plant potatoes to gamers with lively chats Aaron can be a part of. The good thing about Twitch is that there’s something for everybody. Aaron can log in, find an interesting stream and start chatting with strangers.

      He can also head to Discord, a huge social media platform that people use to chat with IRL friends or strangers. Discord lets you set up a chat room, also known as a server. You can invite people to join your server and chat. Once they enter the invitation code, they can either text or chat with other people using that server.

Viewing 0 reply threads

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