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      Hemanshu from Tampa, Florida is ready to travel, but he wants to make sure his documents are secure. So far, he has been using Evernote, but his friends say he can just use Google Drive or his iPhone. He called me up asking for advice.

      I recommend all globe trotters store their COVID vaccine cards on their iPhones or Androids. If you walk around with a fragile card in your wallet, you’re putting it at risk.

      Just think about it: Your card is proof that you have been vaccinated. You might need to show it to officials to prove you won’t spread COVID-19. If your card gets damaged, you’re toast. Tap or click here to store your vaccine card on your phone.

      I also told Hemanshu that he can password-protect notes. Just follow these steps:

        1. Open Notes and go to a note that you want to lock.
        2. Tap the More button.
        3. Tap Lock.
        4. Enter a password. Don’t forget to give yourself a password hint. You could even enable Face ID or Touch ID for extra protection.
        5. Hit Done.
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