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      William Black

      I am a trucker, and there is a lot of noise in the cab, so I am hoping that you can recommend a Bluetooth headset that will allow me to listen to the radio, receive calls, and hear directions from my map software. Also, can you recommend a Trucking Map Route App for me to download? Thank you so much for your show, and all you do for us out here! Papablack at papablack01@gmail.com.

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      Hello William,

      I have done a bit of research and found that your best bet for a multi device Bluetooth headset is the BlueParrott S450-XT which can pair with up to 8 different devices. This device has great reviews from truck drives such as yourself and have commented on using it for over 2 years without issue.

      Regarding recommendations for a Trucking map route app I have come up with the following two apps.

      Copilot Mobile Navigation – Supports both Android and IOS you can check the features page here
      Smart Truck Route – Supports both Android and IOS and offers a free trial

      Both of these apps offer their own neat features however Smart Truck Route seems to offer more up to date route information than the former.

      We would love to hear your feedback if you go with any of these solutions, best of luck!

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      Norman Harris
      @Norman Harris

      Does your truck have an FM radio? If yes, get a bluetooth to FM transmitter so that you can listen to content from your phone through the truck’s own stereo speakers. That will provide a stronger sound than any headset. If your truck’s stereo has a 3.5 mm auxiliary input, you may be able to use a bluetooth to 3.5 mm audio output linked to your truck’s stereo, or even more directly connect a cable from your phone to the 3.5mm audio input. If your truck has no FM radio or stereo, you could get a bluetooth speaker such as a JBL Flip 3{4, or 5} or stronger yet a Charge 3 that can play audio from sources on your phone including GPS, phone calls or music or media players. Most headsets are considered unsafe, even illegal for motor vehicle operators, especially a large commercial vehicle but even for 4 wheelers. You can use bone conduction headphones with no problem, or a headphone that goes on one ear only, not both, or neck speakers such as the Bose Soundwear Companion {this particular one is expensive but there are less expensive clones that function well}.

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