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      Not sure if this is my computer, but it “seems” to only happen when I open an article in your BREAKING NEWS Newsletter. The article just keeps reloading and won’t stop, so can’t actually read it. Again this may not be your issue, but curious if I’m the only one having the issue. Thanks

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      Hi there,

      We don’t have any other reports of this happening but thank you for letting us know! Appreciate it!

      Try emptying your cache in your browser. There’s a hiccup in there somewhere.

      If you need more help, let us know!

      Kim 🙂

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        Thanks Kim, working now. Also, you had a caller that was looking for a way to keep her phone working in power outages, she might also want to look into GOAL ZERO, you just leave it plugged in until power goes out and have power when you need it, you can get different levels of unit abilities and length of use. They are not inexpensive, but living in FLorida does give me peace of mind and you can hook up solar panels for extended outages. Just a thought.

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      Yes, I had noticed the same reloading on Kim’s Site a couple of days ago. Today I have not seen the reloading happen.
      Thank you,

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