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      Raymond Reiss

      Apple says there is NO WAY an iPad can get hacked unless someone knows your access code. But I suspect there are ways by responding to phishing emails and perhaps other ways. How can I be sure there is no virus, malware, key logging etc connected to my iPad use. I want to scrub everything before setting up a VPN. I am not exactly sure how an iPad connects to the internet – I mean I know it’s thru WiFi, but is it thru the modem ( which is a Provider’s equipment). How d9 you know if all that is safe?

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      Hello Raymond,

      Apple is right, if you are not using a Jailbroken device which allows you to install unauthorized apps and in turn making you susceptible to malicious code. Phishing attempts are a mute point regarding hacking the device as long as it is not Jailbroken. Phishing attempts are designed to trick you into providing your credentials, if they included any links to malicious applications then you would not be able to install if your device is not Jailbroken. You don’t know if everything with your providers equipment is safe, that’s why we recommend Express VPN. If no one else has had physical access to your iPad and it is not Jailbroken then you don’t have much to worry about but if you want to be sure you can find a guide here on resetting your iPad to factory defaults.

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      Betty Adcock
      @Betty Lee
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