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      Dennis Stefonek

      I just signed on for a 1 year subscription and as luck would have it auto filling plugged in an email I just started not being able to login to it. The problem is with Authenticator and my not understanding how to use it. this is serious for me as the email I can’t get into and was use in signing up to Kim Komando is 2180119@startmail.com. (I cannot enter it) What intended to use and though I had entered was dstefonek@hotmail.com. I cannot figure out if there is a way for me swap one email for the other. Are you able to help me with this please? I can’t even read the 1 or two messages sent to me, one I believe from Kim Komando. Very frustrating as still have to figure how to handle the other business type contacts on the other email. I’m quite baffled by the whole experience. If you don’t respond to the Hotmail address I won’t even know if you did or didn’t.
      I can’t even log back in once I send this message on it’s way.
      thank you ahead of time should you help me.
      Dennis Stefonek
      Cell 715-218-0119
      W4873 Winkelman Ave
      Irma, WI 54442-9638
      11/01/21 1615hrs

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