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      Margaret Thornby

      I have had trouble accessing Facebook for several months. Until last week, I was able to get it on my iPhone with no password asked, but I couldn’t get it on my laptop or other computers. I would get an email with an eight-digit code, then, I’d be asked for a 6 digit code from Authenticator. None of the codes produced by Google Authenticator worked.
      When told to try another way (log in from another device or browser for notifications at first there were never any notifications from Facebook on my phone, and now I just can’t even log in to this account from anywhere.
      I created a new FB account as a way to use Facetime with my family.
      I should mention that my mobile number has been associated with both accounts.
      I normally wouldn’t care that much, but my son has recently been diagnosed with Leukemia and I want to keep tabs on his private page and GoFundMe status.

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