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      Aurora from Arizona was on hold but I was unable to get to her call as we ran out of time. So, I will answer her here.

      Her question was about cell phone radiation and the risks of cancer.

      According to a 2019 investigation by the Chicago Tribune, several phones released by major manufacturers like Apple and Samsung in the last three years are not adhering to safety standards published by the FCC for radiation.

      The FCC ranks microwave radiation by a measurement called a “Specific Absorption Rate” or SAR, and after performing tests with the help of a radiation lab in California, the Chicago Tribune found that five out of the 11 phones they tested showed radiation leakage far higher than the FCC’s allotted amount.

      The 11 phones tested included both iPhones and Samsung Galaxy models. Of the phones tested, the iPhone 7 was the worst offender with a SAR nearly four times higher than what the FCC allows. Other models with poor scores included three recent Samsung Galaxy units, with the S8 showing the highest levels of absorption from inside of a pants pocket.

      In response to the tests, both Apple and Samsung claimed that the Chicago Tribune tests are not up to the same standards as their own laboratory tests and that the results are invalid. They insist their products adhere to FCC standards and dispute the claims made by the Tribune.

      Should I dump my phone to be safe?

      Before donning a hazmat suit and encasing your smartphone in a concrete sarcophagus, there are a few things you need to know about the FCC radiation standards as they apply to smartphones. The FCC sets its limit intentionally low in order to provide a buffer for manufacturers and customers.

      According to the FCC, adverse health effects can only be seen when radiation is around 50 times higher than the current safety standards. The worst performers of the Tribune’s tests only leaked radiation about four times higher, putting it clearly outside of the danger zone.

      Hopefully, this sets your mind at ease.

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