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      Harriet Yoder

      We live in a rural area where the internet connections are not the greatest. Bad weather causes frequent outages even though it’s a cable connection.

      During a recent outage, we had to drive down our road to find service for our phone so we could call it in.

      We figured out that if we can hook up something above our house, we could get cell phone coverage (without connecting to our internet wifi. That would make it possible to get cell phone coverage and set up a wifi hotspot when our internet is down.

      It there anything we can put on top of our house (two stories with attic so quite high) to get a better cell connection?

      I know this is an odd question, but if it is possible, I’d love to know.

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      Have you tried this, Harriet? There are many outdoor cellular antennas you can put on your roof.

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