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      Sean from Chico, California has been getting calls, texts and emails offering to design the web domain he doesn’t own. It looks like someone stole his identity to set up three websites. The brokers who sold these domains won’t take Sean’s information off of the listings.

      I told Sean to file a complaint with ICANN here. His report will be forwarded to the sponsoring registrar, who must take reasonable steps to investigate and correct inaccurate data.

      Then again, Sean could also take ownership of the domain names and mark the data as private. It will be a process, but as he is the registered owner, he could reach out to the registrar and claim he lost access. (This is done all the time when companies lose a developer or administrator.) Once he is in control of the domain names, he could pay the registrar to make the info private.

      Want to stop this from ever happening again? Avoid these six mistakes. They put you at risk for identity theft!

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