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      When I make a call on my apple phone, I can hear an echo of my voice and it seems like a third party may be on the line or recording the call. My bank recently told me the FBI had investigated a fraud scam at my branch where a member’s call was recorded and then her voice recording was used to try to transfer funds. On one occasion I heard a man on the line (a third party) make a comment on my conversation). Another family members also has this same echo on their phone. My blue tooth is turned off so I don’t this is the cause. I would like to know how to make my phone and bank information secure.

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      Hi Cathy,

      That’s crazy! Usually an echo is on the other person’s phone who you are talking to.

      Just for safety, I would back up my phone and do a factory reset. You could also request a new SIM card from your carrier, in case they duplicated your card and then have access to your phone.

      And follow all the other rules, don’t use public wi-fi without a VPN, too.

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