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      Ralph Celento

      I sent a message to Kim about this issue, she recommended posting in the Community Forum. In all the situations below I had no problems and using the apps, sites, etc, for years before ExpressVPN. In addition to ExpressVPN, I run PC Matic, Webroot, and Malware Bytes and wonder if this is creating conflicts or similar problems?


      1. When I try to connect to my Spectrum TV to watch on my PC it thinks I’m out of the country.

      UPDATE: Spoke to Spectrum which said apps like Spectrum, Netflix, etc., require verification of your location,
      identity, etc. before allowing access to the content. Since the VPN essentially camouflages the IP this cannot be verified and will not allow access unless the VPN is turned off. This seems to be self-defeating, why have VPN to be secure yet not be able to use apps like these and others.

      2. When I try to connect to my bank it rejects the connection unless I disconnect (maybe similar situation as Spectrum, Netflix, etc.

      3. Some sites require pop-ads which I before had Adblocker extension with Chrome so when these issues started I removed it but still get messages that Adblocker is in use.

      4. I have Malware Bytes, PC Matic, and Webroot all running with the ExpressVPN I’m wondering if this is creating the problems with conflicts and if yes, how can I configure each or all of them to play friendly together while keeping me safe and secure.

      Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.

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      Hi Ralph,

      Sorry you had not received a response yet.

      The issues connecting to your Spectrum TV service, banking website, and various apps, can be caused by the VPN. The best way to tell if it is the VPN, is to see if the issue resolves immediately after turning the VPN off. If so, it is most likely just the VPN and not a conflict between the other security programs.

      These types of issues can arise under certain circumstances when using a VPN. One thing you can try: Manually choose the VPN server, and pick one within the United States.

      Your bank, Netflix, and other services may block the connection if it appears you are connecting from a different country.

      If you have not already, I would check out their help center which can walk you through modifying settings to resolve certain issues:

      You can also reach out to them at

      The issue with Adblocker sounds unrelated to the VPN issue. That could be a conflict between multiple security programs or browser extensions. I would check your browser extension in Chrome.

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      Ralph Celento

      Thank you, I was able to get with ExpressVPN and resolved the challenge.

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