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      Robert Schmidt


      First, thanks anyone who takes time to read my post, and reply. Also, with all due respect please only reply if You really know what the answer or answers truly are. I don’t want to break any posting guidelines, but I also do not want any replies from people who are mearly brainstorming. I’ve had this happen elsewhere; which is why I’m bringing it up.

      I want an external mic so I can record video on my Everio JVC GZ-MS120RU Camcorder. I’m a 1 man crew, so please keep it simple. Also, I would like to spend around $100. I have money, but don’t want to go broke on this.

      I had hand-held microphone with long thick cable, but Saint Monica’s threw it away. Long Story.



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      Hello Rober,

      What kind of a microphone are you looking for, a lavalier microphone, or a shotgun microphone that can be attached to the camera itself? Please keep in mind your only mount is on the bottom of your camera. We may very well need to find you a bracket if you go with the shotgun mic.

      Let us know and we can better assit.

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      Robert Schmidt

      First, I want to thank You for getting back to Me. I would actually like some recommendations for both as I tried and failed many years ago to use a lavalier. Maybe it was just too cheap, but I could not get it working. I kinda think I would be better off since My Everio JVC GZ-MS120RU is pretty small.

      I use the external mic so I can record political/current event YouTube videos. The vast majority of the time it’s just Me either looking directly into the camcorder, or Me doing what amounts to a voice over as I have the camcorder recording either a Word doc or a document I taped to the wall. Previously I have been off to the side during voice overs with big mic and long and frankly burdensome wire/cable attaching to camcorder; which I needed small adapter.

      Oh, I would like to keep expense around $100, but will consider more if You really think I should consider something really great.

      If You have any more questions I’ll be happy to answer them. I know I could either go to say Best Buy, or see what Amazon has. But, I know Kim Komando and Staff are a wealth of information. And, I love buying super-cool equipment at the lowest possible price.

      Lastly, I plan on submitting many of videos I plan of making to news media. I already have 2 major-market credits from YouTube videos I submitted: 1 national 1 with KABC radio in LA. It has been a while though. But, regarding this purchase it needs to be professional level. Or, something very close to professional. My experience submitting is network decision makers are NOT interested in excuses JUST results.

      Thank You in advance for your time and help.


      Rob S.

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