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    From my iPhone, my Gmail’s default is to show me the conversation view. I don’t like that. How do I change it so I can see each individual email in chronological order?

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    Jake Russo

    Hi Sandra!

    To turn off conversation view from the Gmail app on iOS:

    -click on the 3 bars to the top left
    -scroll all the way down
    -find the gear icon next to “settings” and click it
    -click on the button with your account picture and email at the top of the menu that comes up
    -under the “General” section, you’ll see “Conversation View”
    -toggle the switch next to “Conversation View” to the off position

    I hope that helps,

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    Komando Community

    Hi Jake! Thanks for sharing!

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    Yeah, what Jake said. I was going to tell you how to do it, but Jake beat me to it. Good job Jake!

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    I stopped by this forum because I read the topic differently. I thought it would be about how to set up groups mail contacts in Gmail. I had some experience with that this past fall when I had a group of over 200. When I was sending out the group email, Gmail return them as non deliverable. After doing more investigating into my dilemma on Google, I found out that groups can only be like 50 big before Gmail does the non deliverable thing. I also found out through trial/error, I had to wait about 5 mins between each sent group email or Gmail would do the non deliverable thing. Then I got smart and through trial/error again, I found out if I went up to the 3dots at the top right of the window and clicked on history and deleted my previous history, I could email all my groups — 8 of them — without any problem. I am the editor of a Newsletter for the Resort that my husband and I winter at and I send our these weekly schedules to my 8 groups.

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