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      Brad Eichelberger

      I have recently started using Google Photos to store my pictures and videos. Things were going pretty well, but I’ve run into some issues now. I was going to upload some older photos that I have on an external drive. They are in .m2ts format, which would not upload. I understand that is an old sony camcorder format. I used a program to convert them to .mp4. The converted video looked good on my computer. I was then able to upload them, but the image quality was terrible when viewed on Google photos. I changed my setting to upload at full resolution, but it was still bad. The current videos I upload to Google from my iphone look fine. Any ideas on what is happening. These old videos are of my kids when they were babies, so I really want them to be good.

      Another equally disturbing issue is that when I uploaded the video, it was sorted based on edited date instead of date taken. I would REALLY like to have them in order of date taken since they are all family photos/videos of my kids being born and growing up.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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      Komando Community

      When the video was converted from .m2ts to .mp4 format, there would have been some compression. When you post the video, you want to ensure your settings are set to “original quality”. However, I do see some information that indicates they may still convert the video which may result in a loss of quality. You could always backup the original video, even in the .m2ts format, to Google Drive instead of photos.

      The metadata, including the “taken date”, may have been lost in the original conversion. However, Google photos does not have a sort feature that allows you to sort by date or otherwise. They are counting on you using the search feature to find photos, so make sure to title and tag your pictures. The best way to organize them by time, would be to create albums.

      Hope that helps!

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