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      Chris from Nashville, Tennessee needs to replace his old desktop computer. Currently, he has that desktop as well as a laptop. He wants to maximize his productivity, so he’s wondering if he should:

      1. Transfer all of his desktop files to a good laptop with a docking station, monitor and keyboard to use when he’s in the office
      2. Get a new desktop computer and set up a home server he can access with his laptop when he’s away from his office
      3. Switch everything to a cloud service that he can use on two computers

      “Can you help me make the best decision to make me as productive as possible?” he asked.

      First, I told him to install Google Drive onto his new desktop computer as well as his laptop computer. On each device, he will need to select files and folders he wants to sync. Now he will have his data in three places: both computers and the cloud.

      Getting this done can be tricky. This guide explains how to set up Google Drive for desktop.

      I also recommended a USB docking station for home use. Here’s an especially useful option.

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