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      Margaret Thornby

      I have not been able to access my account for months, so I created a new one but I need my old stuff.
      When I try to log in on my laptop, I see both of my profile pictures. When I click on the old one am asked to create a new password, which I do.
      The next message says “Chose a way to confirm it’s you. Your account has two factor authentication switched on which requires this extra log in step”
      Or enter your log in code
      Enter the six digit code from the authentication app you set up
      When I go to Google Authenticator for codes, none of them work.
      The message always says, “The login code you entered doesn’t match the one sent to your phone. Please check the number and try again. None work.
      Then underneath it says ‘Need another way to confirm? “Approve from another device. Just check your notifications in another browser or phone where you are logged in.”
      There was a time when I could stay logged in on my phone, it was just on a laptop or desk top that I had trouble. But there were never any notifications on my phone.
      I was able to access my account on my phone p until the Facebook outage of about a month or so ago. Because I panicked during the outage, I changed my password on my phone log-in.
      Since then I can not access my account on my phone or laptop/desktop.
      I can really use some help with this!

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