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      Paul from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has an 11-year-old son who is an online gaming enthusiast. “He plays Roblox, Minecraft, Geometry Dash, and lots of things that we don’t know the difference between,” Paul says.

      There are a few technical problems his son has dealt with, from viruses to friends using his account. His son’s computer has McAfee virus protection, which constantly flags .exe files.

      First, I told Paul to teach his son about password security ASAP. He shouldn’t be sharing account information with other people, period. Here’s a good resource.

      Second, Paul should enable two-step verification for his son’s Roblox account. This helps to keep hackers out of your kid’s account.

      Also, McAfee would only be flagging unsigned software such as mods or hacks for his games. Gamers love mods made by their fellow fans, but it’s not all sunshine and sharing. Sometimes, people will pretend to offer a free mod so kids excitedly click the download button — but the file is loaded with malware.

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