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      Robert Nogami

      I apologize that my questions in my earlier post were not clear. From the internet, I gathered the following recommended steps for switching antivirus products on a Windows 10 laptop:

      Step 1 Obtain the uninstall tool for the current Antivirus product and download the offline install tool for the new Antivirus product.
      Step 2 Disconnect the laptop from the internet
      Step 3 Run the uninstall tool for the current Antivirus and restart laptop
      Step 4 Run the ‘offline’ install tool for the new Antivirus (Hopefully it’ is not a web installer)
      Step 5 Reconnect the laptop to the internet. This step that makes me nervous because the new Antivirus product will probably need a few minutes to activate on the internet and apply updates. My understanding is that during this time the laptop might be vulnerable to viruses. One website recommended that Windows Firewall or Microsoft Defender be turned on for protection.

      Please let me know if the steps are correct or what I am missing. Thanks in advance for your help.

      Robert Nogami

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      Hello Robert,

      These steps are indeed correct.

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