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      Jim from Houston, Texas is dealing with a business that is using his home address as their listed address online. The business even created a website — and it’s on Yelp, MapQuest, Google Maps and more. This means his home address is being treated like public property.

      To make matters worse, he heard that the person behind the business has a lot of people “after him.” He wants to put an end to this immediately. When he asked me for help, I told him to file a complaint with the USPS. Here’s how to start the process.

      Jim should also go on Yelp, MapQuest and every other site listing the fake business address and file fraudulent activity forms.

      I also told Jim to appeal to PR contacts on each of these sites. Most websites have an area marked “Media” or “Press.” Emailing each company’s PR expert will make the company aware of a potential scandal on its hands. Hopefully, this will urge them to act quickly and take down the fake business address sooner rather than later. For example, Jim can send an email address to press@google.com or to any of the media contacts on this page.

      To get his address removed from MapQuest, Jim should send an email to Lisa Langsdorf. She’s the media contact for System1, MapQuest’s parent company. Her email address is lisa@goodeyepr.com.

      Luckily, Yelp has a whole page for this. Here’s how to contact Yelp. Best of luck, Jim!

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