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      Joanne from Madison, Wisconsin likes to go to Florida during the winter. She loves the warm weather — but she struggles with internet access at the RV parks.

      I told her to check out the Orbi 4G LTE Wi-Fi router. She should also get an external antenna to mount on her RV. Here’s my recommendation.

      I told Joanne that this setup requires a SIM card with an active data plan. You could use one of your own cell phone SIM cards with a data plan if you don’t want to get another card and are fine with swapping it out.

      Otherwise, you can get a cell phone booster from Weboost and use a cell phone as a hotspot. You can also use Starlink. Just mount a setup on the RV.

      Another option would be to download all the content you want to stream while at the RV park ahead of time. Here’s a helpful Hulu guide.

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