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      I had Norton VPN installed, but because my bank and several other websites “didn’t recognize this device”, I decided I didn’t want VPN. I uninstalled the whole Norton AV program, using the Norton uninstall tool, then reinstalled it without selecting the VPN option. To my dismay, my IMac still behaves as if the VPN is activated and I still get messages indicating these websites don’t recognize my computer. Many require a texted code to continue. My operating system is version 10.15.7. The computer is a late 2012 edition so I can’t upgrade to the latest OS. Any clues?


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      You can google what is my ip from you mac, and from another device on your network with no vpn, like a phone. If they are different your vpn is still active. The websites may give that message if it doesnt see the cookies it sets when it recognizes the device. You can try another browser as well to test this.

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