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      Nate from Sioux Falls, South Dakota wonders if his Apple Watch is overestimating his abilities. He called the show, asking if the “Flights climbed” activity tracker is accurate.

      “I’m loading structural steel on trucks every day and my iWatch is telling me I’m climbing anywhere from 100 flights to, my max, 185 flights climbed. I looked it up,” he said. “The watch measures a flight of stairs as ’10-12.’ Just wondering if I’m actually working that hard.”

      He’s not the only one with this question. That’s why Apple gives you the option to improve your Workout and Activity accuracy.

      If you’re ever wondering about your own accuracy, follow these steps:

      1. Find the “Motion Calibration & Distance for your Apple Watch” feature. Turn it on and off
      2. Let the watch fully discharge and then charge it
      3. Clean the watch’s sensors and make sure the water lock is on

      Here’s how to reset your calibration data:

      1. On your iPhone, open the Apple Watch app
      2. Tap the My Watch tab, then tap Privacy
      3. From there, hit Reset Fitness Calibration Data

      For more information, check out this Apple guide.

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