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      Student with retinal disease. In medical school. Looking for a small camera/smart lens to use with iPad Pro 12.9 as a forward facing camera to project powerpoint, lectures, whiteboard onto iPad so user can magnify the text as needed. It needs to be small and discreet. We have one recommendation – the Kodak PROPIX.

      The Propix looks small, but if there’s anything that is smaller and more discreet, it would be preferable. We would like to mount it onto the iPad Pro instead of standing on an obvious tripod.

      1. How can the PROPIX be mounted to an iPad Pro?
      2. Is there another device you can recommend to achieve this goal?
      3. Any other low-vision technology to achieve this goal?

      We appreciate any assistance you can offer. We know that if anyone understands this challenge, it’s Kim. Sincere thanks, Karey

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      Hello Karey,

      You cant use a USB camera with an Ipad Pro so we will need a wireless solution with a battery. I recommend the Logitech Mevo Start wireless camera. The reason I recommend this camera is because of its quality and app’s feature to crop and zoom a portion of the video simply and quickly. This will work with your iPad Pro.

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